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Welcome to the world of e-liquid!

  • We have more than 500 different flavours in 6 nicotine levels
  • Our e-liquids are produced from the finest European ingredients
  • You can re-fill cartridges of any model and brand of e-cigarette with our e-liquid
  • Our e-liquid is the best tasting and best quality e-liquid nicotine you can buy
  • We have strict standards and every batch we make is quality tested
  • One 30 ml bottle of e-liquid nicotine will refill 60 cartridges.
  • Those are huge savings!
  • E-liquids are entirely made in Europe, without allergens, not tested on animals, with no GMO origin; they are of pharmaceutical quality, and certified
All e-liquids are available in all sizes: 5, 10, 20, 30 and 50 ml. Furthermore, we can supply PG, VG, PEG400 and unflavoured nicotine liquids, flavours and bottles for Do It Yourself market.

We are proud to present best e-liquid in the world in three lines: Green Witch (PG or VG), Totally Green (best mix) and TG PEG400 (The best of the best e-juice).


The company has been successful in business more than 30 years.
We have been dealing with selling electronic cigarettes & e-liquids production since 2008.


ELDA Ltd is the largest European manufacturer of e-liquids used for the filling the electronic cigarettes.

We produce e-liquid with the latest equipment and machinery, and design labels and packaging according to customer request, with a brand name and logo of the customer's company.



Modern laboratories

We have been developing our recipes in our laboratories for a long time, based on market research and wishes and demands of our customers.


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