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Welcome to the GREEN WITCH e-liquids store.
This is the best e-liquid in the world, with the lowest prices!

Available in 300+ flavours and 4 different strength levels.

Order your e-liquid now!

The richness of taste for e-cigarettes!

Green Witch is our new e-liquid, produced by the latest standards to cover the top of the world's supply. The wealth of flavours that we offer, and flawless formula provide a prolonged duration of the cigarette.

In addition to the existing PG (Propylene glycol) base, the entire range of VG (vegetable glycerol) options is also available. Both PG and VG bases were medically tested. They are allowed and harmless for human consumption.

E-cigarette smokers prefer the PG base, while VG base was introduced at the request of smokers who may be sensitive to PG. E-smokers' experience shows that PG liquids release the flavours with more intensity, while VG liquids give a bit thicker smoke.

Pure VG base is 100% ORGANIC, NATURAL products!

Standard for PG base is Ph. Eur. 4, while the standard for VG base is Ph. Eur. 6. We also hold the European MSDS SGS Certification, European CE Certification, RoHS Certification, German LFGB - Lebensmittel und Bedarfsgegenstände und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, GMP-Good Manufacturing Practice, ISO9001 and ISO13485 certificates.
All of this is the ultimate guarantee of quality. Entire production of Green Witch liquids takes place in Europe, which gives yet another dimension to our product quality and customer confidence.

This bottle is made ​​of special medical plastics.
E-liquids contain nicotine, and under no circumstances should they be consumed in any other manner except for instillation and replenishment of e-cigarette refills.
Always keep out of children's reach.

E-liquids without nicotine are ideal for quitting smoking or as a supplement to the existing nicotine liquids for improvement of their taste!


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