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Life is so much better with little bit more flavors.

All of tastes of ELDA Sweet Edition are careffully created according this motto.

It's specially blended line of e-liquids crafted to give you rich flavour and more clouds.

Rich, savory complex flavors, combining multiple finest ingredients and lot of vape clouds  are characteristics of this line od e-liquids.

If you are fed up with simple flavors, if you are gourmet who enjoys in finest sweet flavors, this eliquids are recommended for you.

In this Sweet Edition now can have your favorite desert in e-liquid and vape it whenever you want.

Sweet Edition 1


The perfect Velvety chocolate and Roasted Hazelnut Spread comes to life in your e Cigarette. The rich hazelnut taste similar to the popular Nutella chocolatey spread.

Sweet Edition 2

Creamy Peanut

This fantastic e-liquid is Crammed with Peanuts and produce rich creamy vape.
Peanut Butter adds an almost spiritual experience to the traditional peanut butter and jelly.

Sweet Edition 3

Coconut Candy Balls

Smooth and delicious coconut e-liquid that is fantastic and similar taste to the popular Raffaello candy. For the ultimate tropical taste our coconut e liquid will caress your senses with its almost nutty goodness, the sweet undertones and slight milky taste.
This will send you coco-nuts! Absolutely bonkers coconut vape!

Sweet Edition 4

Choco Bonbon

A full flavoured chocolate blend from the best cocoa beans.
Delicious blended white chocolate strawberry flavoured vape juice. A really good representation of the famous chocolate sweet.

Sweet Edition 5

Christmas Cookie

Sugar Cookie e-liquid tastes just like the real thing, but without the calories! Don't you want your e-cig to taste like sugar cookies?
A perfect sweet flavor with subtle hints of the aroma of a almond and honey. This is perfect e-liquid taste like your favorite kind of christmas cookie.

Sweet Edition 6

Coco Loco

We have a killer winter e-juice for you today called “Coco Loco“! Coco Loco is a Colombian Coconut Cocktail, popular on the Caribbean coast of the country. Coco Loco literally translates to “Crazy Coconut“. Taste is absolutely amazing!
Ingredientes: coconut milk, white rum & cinnamon

Sweet Edition 7

Creamy Mint

The wonderful compliment of dark chocolate and creamy mint comes alive with the After Eight Mint E-Liquid option. A sweet treat for everyone!

Sweet Edition 8

Sweety Pie

Amazing taste of baked cinnamon and apple pudding finished with smooth lashings of custard. It really is a treat. Smooth sweet inhale with the custard notes on the out.

Sweet Edition 9

Toffe Dream

A sweet, smooth, creamy toffee flavoured e liquid just for sweet lovers. Similar to our Toffee flavoured e liquid this juice has added cream for that smooth and creamy vape.
We also feel this best replicates a cigarette without tobacco flavourings.

Sweet Edition 10

Choco Banana

Are you a fan of hot chocolate on toast topped with sliced banana?
Our chocolate banana e-liquid has a very smooth draw with little throat hit but an excellent vapour production.


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