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Colors are back in trend.

Experience the new dimension of flavors in your favorite e-liquid. 

Refresh your e-cigarette with an e-liquid in your favorite color. 

This e-liquid line is developed for fans of vivid colors and rich, aromatic flavors.
Elda Arty e-liquids are certified, made of natural flavouring substances and manufactured under strict quality control. 

Coloring essences used in the e-liquid manufacturing process are natural, the very same sweet and edible essences used for coloring cakes. Colors give a special aromatic touch to your e-liquids and are currently a hot trend in the e-liquid market and among vapers.

Coctail 1

Nothing is better than the vodka, citrus, cranberry, orange, pineapple juice and peach schnapps flavor of Exotic Sex on the Beach cocktail.
Elda has always done a great job with this classic mixed-drink flavor, and now they have added it to their new line of e-cig liquid.

Coctail 2

A Miami Vice e-liquid is a sweet and refreshing cocktail with flavors of daiquiri strawberries and pina colada. It is a perfect e-liquid for vaping in hot weather.

Coctail 3

Made famous by Sex and the City, the Cosmo is a fun, fruity cocktail e-liquid.
Caribbean Cosmo is e-liquid made with vanilla, toffe caramel and freshly squeezed and sweetened blueberry juice.

Coctail 4

This delicious clear colored mix of energy drink, fresh citron vodka & lemon juice is the quickest way to energize you, really Beach Bull!

Coctail 5

Maui Sunset combines wataermelon, cherry, strawberry and honey citrus combination to make a refreshing vibrant and alive taste for your hookah.
Enjoy in this perfect, exotic mix of watermelon with cherry & honey.

Coctail 6

Aloha Shave Ice e-liquid offers a succulent blend of sweet vanilla ice with a smooth, fascinating twist of milkshake and candy syrups. This flavorful experience provides a fruity and sweet kick with the stimulating freshness of the Islands.

Coctail 7

Malibu Night hits you with the robust taste of a freshly-picked Wild Strawberries and glass of champagne, ripened to perfection.

Coctail 8

Lost my bikini in molokini e-liquid offers a juicy, tantalizing, blueberry ice blend that fits perfect after a day at the beach. This full-flavored pairing keeps you guessing with its rich aroma and inviting fruit and fresh tones.

Coctail 9

Enjoy the heavenly mixture of luscious rasberries and the satisfying combo of soothing vanilla and pineapples. This inspired union is a full-bodied experience of sweet candy and fruit packed into one e-liquid.
Hula chiquita entice you with a divine Vanilla and Cream fruit milkshake. This alluring mix tempts you with an encounter sure to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.

Coctail 10

Viva Las Vegas provides a Royal treat for the vape connoisseur - watermelon with papaya and pomegrante. The only way to test your luck and enjoy fan!

Coctail 11

Blue Hawaiian tropical cocktails have been as much a part of the Hawaiian experience as white sand beaches, rainbows and waterfalls. Think about it. Is sunset in the Islands really complete without a refreshing Blue Hawaiian tropical cocktails?
Tropical cocktails are as diverse and colorful as the Hawaiian islands themselves. Enyoj in this sweet fresh taste of pineapple & tropical fruits e-liquids!

Coctail 12

Let's try another fantastic taste of our special Arty collection. Sweet Pink Bubblegum for your e-cig.
Everyone loves bubble gum. This delicious e- liquid flavor adds that perfect sweet & fresh goodness to this classic treat. It's a great e-liquid for those who love candy/sweet flavors as well as fresh.

Coctail 13

Take yourself back to childhood with your favorite gummy candy snack, or maybe you still frequent the treat as an adult. Either way you will love this e-liquid.
Our Gummy candy e-liquid, is just that crazy amounts of Gummy Candy’s Customers ask us all the time what does it really taste like.. and we always tell them it is like if you opened a pack of gummy bears and ate them all at once .

Coctail 14

Free yourself and relax with this refreshing aged rum and cola with a twist of lime.
Effervescent bubbles, sweet flavor, pungent rum, and a hint of lime can mean only one thing: the one and only Cuba Libre! This is one cocktail that never gets boring, especially when vaping! Craving it already, aren’t you?

Coctail 15

The Bahama Mama is a fruity cocktail with the smooth flavor of Coconut, Pineapple, Piña Colada and Banana! A drink that will whisk you away to a tropical resort in one sip!
The perfect Summertime blend of Banana, Pineapple, Coconut Candy, Colada Creme can be found in Arty's Bahama Mama. Tropical, relaxing and full of flavor!

Coctail 16

Mai Tai translates from Tahitian to mean "Out of this World" and it is a fitting description for this very fun rum cocktail.
It’s one of the most iconic cocktails that’s ever graced a tiki-themed bar, cabana, or bungalow. Originally mixed for the very first time in 1944 at the Trader Vic’s restaurant in 1944 for a few friends visiting from Tahiti, the Mai Tai has exploded as a drink and has appeared in numerous bars, clubs, and beach resorts since its inception.
Now, you won’t have to worry about setting up a vacation to the tropics in order to get this classy, fruity cocktail. All you need is your favorite e cigarette and this ELiquid and you’ll be able to lay down in the comfort of your own home and vape the day away.


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