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Total Product Expo in Las Vegas

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Mevs Middle East Vape Show in Bahrain

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The mindset of the entrepreneur - Dario Marenić

The owner of the Elda company Mr. Dario Marenić has participated in informative show „ The mindset of the entrepreneur“ ( 27.04.2020. ). The main topic of the show were companies which successfully adapted their business to the global COVID19 crisis.

During the gobal pandemic, Elda operates at full capacity. By following the needs of the market, the owner decided to redirect the part of the production to antiseptics products. Most of the employers were forced to dismiss the part of their employees but the owner of the Elda company is hiring around 20 new employees. Thanks to the modern production plant and a quality control laboratory, the process of repurposing part of the production went quite quickly, as well as obtaining the necessary documentation because Croatian institutions, given the seriousness of the situation - reacted very promptly.

Mr. Marenić have confirmed for the show that the conversion process was not entirely easy. A team of chemical engineers had to find adequate formulas for the production of antiseptics and after, the production of gels. On the other hand, mechanical engineers had to adapt a total of 5 production lines to fill new bottles.

When antiseptics production idea was born, they repeated the same mission as with the production of e-liquids – to save at least one human life. It this particular moment this also means to prevent virus carrier and free circulation of the virus.

When asked by the journalist about the withdrawal of emergency support funds by the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Mr. Marenić confirmed that Elda decided to create a new product and did not withdraw the help measures provided to all vulnerable businessmen. In this way, almost 3 million kuna remained in the state budget.

In the form of protection of employees and prepared stocks, the company was absolutely prepared for the new crisis. In addition, due to having its own quality control system, there is a systematic control of inputs and outputs of raw materials, which is very important at this time and Elda has satisfied it.

Although there were initial difficulties in ethanol procurement, thanks to good contacts and business connections around the world, this problem was eliminated relatively quickly. The first quantities came from Albania, then from the Netherlands. A contract was also signed with the Croatian manufacturer for the delivery of Ethanol in May.

The key to survival lies in domestic production and Elda supports it. Mr. Marenić advised to all entrepreneurs to maintain well-organized business facilitates in order to introduce new products in the easiest possible way. In these times, it is necessary to be creative and determine the currently needed products as for our market and export, in other words, to determine products of a global character.


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