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Total Product Expo in Las Vegas

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Mevs Middle East Vape Show in Bahrain

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Elda Ireland has opened the vape caffee in Cork!

Elda Liquids Ireland Ltd. which is the member of Elda Croatia, on Saturday, July 17, in the Irish city of Cork, opened the first vape cafe on the emerald island.

In spring of 2004 Ireland was the first state in Europe who has legally ban smoking in all public and business premises.

The law came into force without objection, without much misdemeanor, with a lot of media noise, but the Irish were disciplined to accept the new regulation.

It took several years, while the ban on smoking was completely annihilated in Irish consciousness.

To this goal, state authorities have come to terms with strict punishment of smoking cigarettes in any business public space, raising the price of the same and raising awareness of health effects caused by tobacco smoke.

In just a few years, this state gradually became fertile ground for something of a substitute.

Ireland's e-cigarette sales and fluctuations are among the first in the world that become the absolute hit.

Within a multitude of vape shops, Elda decided to offer this beautiful city beside e-liquids and e-cigarettes, high-quality espresso drinks, juices, snacks, and so on.

Cork is the second largest city in Ireland with a population of 120,000, which has about 20 vape shops and only one vape cafe Eldin, named after Rory Gallagher, a well-known virtuoso with guitar, who grew up in this town.

This is the first Vape-caffe in Ireland and we can proudly point out that we are again ahead of the competition

If you live nearby or just traveling trought the Cork, come on coffe wheree you can relax yourself in the white clouds of vapour from electric cigarettes, filled with Elda Croatia liquids that have conquered the world.

Welcome to Rock and Vape!


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